Effectiveness Of Testosterone

When it comes to testosterone precursors, you have to maintain a basic balance between the amount of protein ingested and testosterone levels. Eating enough protein and carbohydrates can help maintain healthy testosterone levels and optimize their presence and assimilation during resistance training.

For people who find it difficult to maintain this balance, testosterone precursors may be an option. However, they should not be a replacement for the proteins you normally consume in your meals.

Some people for work or health reasons can not be exposed to the sun frequently, so these supplements, along with proper physical training, are an alternative to take into account.

It is vital to have a change in sports attitude because despite the wonderful benefits offered by the natural precursors of testosterone, you will only get results if you are able to carry a style of nutrition and healthy training.

Key considerations

There are certain factors that influence the effectiveness of testosterone precursors. Sugary foods have detrimental effects on the production of testosterone and on training and health. Excess alcohol hinders the normal functioning of the liver, which increases the levels of estrogen in the body, thereby hampering the production of testosterone.

Alcohol makes the liver function of estrogen elimination difficult, and you will have more estrogen and less testosterone, which will cost you too much: losing facial hair and pubic hair, get male boobs and become helpless.

Time is also a factor to take into account, because after concluding the indicated dose of natural testosterone precursor, it is advisable to wait a reasonable time for your body to reach the optimal level of rest, relaxation and sanitation.

Boosting testosterone production safely

Always consult your doctor before deciding to include a natural testosterone precursor to your training program. You may also have an adverse reaction to take into account. Remember to follow the instructions to the letter, at the time of accompanying the training program with the best natural testosterone precursors.

It is important to understand how important testosterone is to men. It is the key to masculinity and sexual vitality. It is the hormone that supports sperm production, the ability to have erections, bone density, muscle growth and body composition (has amazing abilities to burn fat and provides a defined body). The same applies to the production of blood cells, It affects mood and sleep pattern in addition to cardiac and cerebral function.

The most efficient methods to improve testosterone are the natural testosterone boosters available on the internet. The natural testosterone boosters help stimulate the Leydig cells of the testicle to produce more testosterone. These supplements are made with some of the most proven herbs and other nutrients like L-arginine, which can do wonders.

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Testosterone Defficiency

As part of a study on the aging process in Massachusetts, it has been shown that the testosterone concentration in the blood decreases on average by 1% per year from 40 years. In this context, the specialists also speak of andropause.

Other causes of testosterone deficiency are congenital or acquired disorders of hormone production in the pituitary and malformations or testicular lesions. Klinefelter syndrome is a congenital testosterone deficiency caused by chromosomal abnormalities.

How to diagnose testosterone deficiency?

The diagnosis of testosterone deficiency is made as part of a physical examination that provides information on the physical condition, morphology, muscle strength of the patient and determination of testosterone levels in the blood. In addition, there may be differential diagnostic tests to determine/exclude physical conditions and imaging methods to measure bone density.


Hormonal deficiency is not known if subjective complaints result. In elderly men, a (mild) testosterone deficiency is normal. If a treatment is desired, the doctor may prescribe an alternative to testosterone (hormone replacement therapy).

The contribution of artificial hormones can be in the form of tablets, injection, capsules, hormonal patches or testosterone gel. Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, impotence) can be treated with 5-PDE inhibitors (such as Viagra).

Recent scientific studies have shown that there is also a link between deficiency and the effectiveness of a drug treatment of impotence. The effect of PDE-5 inhibitors is limited or even halted by pronounced hormonal deficiency. In men who are being treated for erectile dysfunction with PDE-5 inhibitors, substitution of testosterone may also be necessary.

In a US study, because of low testosterone levels, PDE-5 inhibitors were effective in almost half of the subjects who had not already taken sexual stimulants. The researchers’ recommendation was to treat patients with erectile dysfunction primarily with testosterone substitution.

The side effects of testosterone replacement therapy have not yet been fully studied. The results of the study suggest that hormone treatment could significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The fact that the therapy increases the risk of prostate cancer is not scientifically proven. It is possible, however, that the growth of pre-existing precancerous diseases (cancer precursors) may be accelerated by the drug.

Contraindications to testosterone therapy include benign hyperplasia and prostate tumors, prostate cancer or precursors of cancer, the high rate of red blood cells (polycythemia) and sleep apnea. The same applies to liver lesions, high blood pressure and edema (water retention).

What is the normal concentration of testosterone in the body?

The concentration of testosterone in the blood serum of adult men is between 2.41 and 8.27 nanograms or between 10.4 and 34.7 nanomoles per liter. These values are reached when the corresponding blood test is performed in the morning. The nocturnal testosterone level is 20 to 40% lower than this value.

Only a small amount of free testosterone circulates in the blood, most of which is bound to transport proteins and other proteins. They protect the hormone from too rapid degradation. However, only free testosterone is metabolically active.

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Boosting Testosterone Production

Testosterone is known to help improve performance in the gym and the bedroom. This applies to various types of weight training. Athletes can lift impressive weights. This could be five sets of three lifts of deadlift, squats or bench press, which you can alternate with series including deadlift and bench press, or squats associated with pushups.

You can also do this type of series with other exercises, such as shoulder presses, deadlifts or rowing exercises. In all cases, choose compound exercises, which will act on multiple muscle groups rather than isolation exercises. Between each series, your rest phase will depend on the total number of repetitions of the series, with a ratio proportional but inverted.

However, do not extend your breaks beyond three minutes to avoid the risk that your body cools down increasing the risk of injury. As a result, your efforts do not yield the benefits you expect in terms of testosterone production and lean muscle mass gains.

You can also choose a series with a slightly higher number of repetitions. A study published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that subjects who follow a weight training protocol with sets of 10 reps, followed by one minute of rest, not only see their testosterone levels rise but their rate of growth hormone thanks to the testosterone test kit.

There is no question of completely replacing your usual workouts with this type of practice. On the other hand, you can enjoy their benefits by adding structured sessions on these bases once or twice a week. To boost your testosterone levels, it is also important to lose as much body fat as possible, especially at the level of the abdominal strap.

Supercharge your physique

Indeed, the presence of fat encourages the formation of estrogen, a hormone that inhibits testosterone production. So the body will take more easily fat instead of activating to break it down to make room for your musculature for which you worked so hard.

For that, adding a few times of cardiovascular activity will bring you many benefits. But the best is still to practice interval training, or HIIT, very fashionable right now. You will alternate exercises of maximal intensity (9/10 of relative intensity, that is to say, that you should ideally be at 90% of your maximum intensity), with periods of exercises of lower intensity (3 / 10 of relative intensity), and rest periods.

Studies have compared testosterone levels in two control groups: one group doing sprints for 30 seconds, and one group practicing low intensity and constant speed cycling.

Nothing is easier then to increase your testosterone and consequently boost your muscle development and libido. All you have to do is buy a testosterone test kit and get to work.

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