Top 5 Tips On How To Reconcile With Your Ex

The end of a romantic relationship can be a huge blow, especially if this is something that you did not want. If you are experiencing regretDepositphotos_80093202_original-1000x667 after a relationship has ended, there are things you can do to convince her that it’s going to be better the second time around. Read on to know how you can restore your relationship and get your ex back fast.

Talk to your ex

This is often the most overlooked step that most men fail to do. If you are sure that you just made the biggest mistake of your life by letting her go, let her know. Who knows, your ex could be feeling the same thing! However, this step comes with some caveats. For one, you have to make sure that this regret comes from a place of knowing that you just let go of the love of your life, and not because you’re just missing someone to cuddle with at night. Also, once you decide to talk, make sure that you are emotionally prepared to do so, and that she is as well. Getting together to talk about your failed relationship when both of you are still emotionally charged from your previous encounter will not do any hopes for reconciliation any good. Most importantly, don’t be pushy and needy or you risk pushing the other person further away. Ask respectfully and if she declines, accept it and wish her the best.

Realize and accept your mistakes and work on them

Whether or not your ex agrees to take another chance on you, it is time to do the next step and acknowledge the mistakes that led to the failure of the relationship. Whether it was cheating or letting the relationship go, the death of a relationship does not happen because of what one person did. Even if you do didn’t do anything wrong, things you failed to do may have contributed to your relationship’s demise.

It is equally important to start working on yourself. Join new social circles, be more involved at work, get a new hobby. Not only will these things serve as great distractions, they also help you live a more fulfilled life, something that your ex may find appealing the next time you meet.

Initiate the NO Contact Rule

If the ex turns down your proposal to restore the relationship, it is time to enforce the No Contact rule. This is the hardest part of a breakup, but the rule works. No contact for 90 days after a breakup gives you time to gain perspective, to keep your distance from an overly emotional situation and to focus on yourself.

Take it slow

If after three months of no contact you still feel like you cannot afford to let her go, it is time to let your presence felt. Do this in a casual way, like a text or a short message on Facebook. Apologize if you must, but stay respectful and let her set the pace. Avoid being pushy about wanting to see her or getting back together or your ex could see this as a major red flag.


If you sense that your casual text messages as being received graciously, you can take the next step and call her. Most women find it charming if you ask for permission to call, especially if there’s a possibility that your first actual conversation after the breakup could be awkward. Keep the call casual as you invite her for a drink or a weekend walk at the park. Choose an activity that will give you both the chance to talk in a relaxed environment. If your ex-girlfriend turns it down, give her space. Never, ever try to insist or push an invite, especially during the first call or you risk losing her all over again.

If you are still reeling from a painful breakup, you may be looking for any advice on how to get your ex back fast. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to love and relationships, taking time and giving the other person her own space could be the best thing you can do, especially if you want a reconciliation. Follow the tips above, avoid rushing things, and work on yourself instead. Who knows, three months of no contact and dedicated self-improvement may be all you need to get your ex’s attention. By then, she may be ready to give you another chance and you can start working your way to her heart once again.